• Image of  Coordinate Bar Necklace
  • Image of  Coordinate Bar Necklace

Thick solid 14k gold or argentium silver reflects the light and sparkles with the hammered details. The bar is about 1" long and hand stamped with the latitude and longitude coordinates of your secret spot on a standard 18" chain. Note: solid gold chains may slightly differ from those pictured.

For example:

Maui 20°48'N 156°20'W
Oahu 21°28'N 157°58'W
Kauai 22°03'N 159°30'W
Molokai 21°5'N 57°1'W
Lanai 20°50'N 156°55'W
Big Island 19°38'N 155° 59'W
Niihau 21°54'N 160°10'W

New York 40°45'N 74°0'W
Paris 48°50'N 02°20'E
California 34°03′N 118°15′W

Please note that each is handmade, unique in shape and size and may vary from ones in picture.

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